In financial industry, there are two-group career positions: Exemption from Registration Requirement Positions and Registration Requirement Positions.


CFI's programs focus on the career positions which are exemption from registration requirement. These positions are under the SECURITIES ACT [RSBC 1996] CHAPTER 418, Part 6, items: 43, 44, 45, 46, 47and 48, more details: 


For those registration positions, students should pass some courses from Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) and have over 3 months training period in a registered financial company before they could get their licenses successfully. More details: We call these positions during the training period as entry level positions (most of these trainers prepare for their tests of the CSI’s courses during this period). Obviously, our courses empower your competent edges to get your entry level positions and are helpful for your tests of the CSI’s courses.

Financial services in Canada

Financial services sector in Canada is made up of several thousand organizations — both domestic and foreign — that range from small, localized players to huge corporations operating on a global scale. The landscape includes:

  • banks
  • credit unions and caisses populaires
  • finance companies
  • financial planning firms
  • insurance companies
  • investment dealers
  • mutual fund dealers
  • trust and loan companies

Some institutions offer a diverse menu of services, while others specialize in an area such as mutual funds, credit cards or corporate financing. Over the past couple of decades, the industry has undergone a dramatic restructuring in terms of who offers what. At one time, banks mainly provided banking services, insurance companies sold insurance, and so on. Regulatory barriers that restricted different types of institutions from competing in each other's core business have since been largely removed. Today an increasing number of players offer many similar and directly competing products and services. The result is greater choice and opportunities for consumers and Canadian society as a whole. Canadians can choose from a growing array of financial products and providers. A competitive and healthy financial sector gives consumers improved access to financial services, more innovative products, greater convenience and more attractive pricing.

Source: FCAC

Websites for Financial Jobs Searching:



Financial Organization Resources:

  1. Institute of Chartered Accoutants of British Columbia
  2. Chartered Accountant School of Business
  3. Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
  4. Certified General Accountants Association of BC
  5. Certified Management Accountants of BC
  6. Institute of Canadian Bankers
  7. Canadian Bankers Association
  8. Credit Union Institute of Canada
  9. Canadian Institute of Actuaries
  10. Association for Investment Management and Research
  11. Canadian Securities Institute
  12. Portfolio Management Foundation
  13. Canadian Association of Financial Planners
  14. British Columbia Securities Commission
  15. Economic Development Association of British Columbia
  16. Canadian Policy Research Networks
  17. Insurance Institute of Canada
  18. Insurance Brokers Association of BC















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