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    Powered from the financial reality, CFI's core programs: the Professional Stocks Trader Program, the Professional Forex Trader Program, the Professional Futures Trader Program and the Professional Options Trader Program, are more than theories, courses or programs. Whatever you were a novice, a professional investor or were planning your career goal in financial industry or to update your professional background, we enhance your knowledge and skills to earn your rewards from the changeable market and build a path to help you ensure your financial investment dream.

    CFI is a leading institute in North America  to offer programs and courses, which are major in financial investment, educating your financial investment knowlege and training your relative career skills. Our prorams are distance education schedules with email, calling and/or irregular seminar supports, delivering our courses by books, audios/videos and/or webinars.

    Supported by our top level trading pros or money managers all over the world, you own a great opportunity to communicate with these market wizards and share their talents and miracle success stories.

    As a professional  education institute specialized in financial investment and financial careers, we are passionate, creative and highly experienced.

    Welcome to Canadian Financial Institute (CFI), a leading educator in financial industry all over the world.






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